smart 80 pellet boiler cooker - 25,6 kw - klover

SMART 80 Pellet boiler cooker - 25,6 kW - Klover

The SMART 80 is the smaller sister of the SMART 120, but the power output is entirely dedicated to the heating system and hotplate. It does not have an oven but you can anyway cook on the hob. The SMART 80 is available in a contemporary design with a black and brushed stainless steel finish or in a rustic design with tiled inserts, and it can be fitted with a top or rear flue. An optional

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choose your language - homepage - klover srl (italia)

Choose your language - Homepage - Klover Srl (Italia)

Heating your home with a Klover product is the best choice you could make to cut down on heating costs. A combination of top-of-the-line materials and component parts with an ISO 9001-certified corporate system means guaranteed quality standards across the board.

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bi-fire mid pellet and wood boiler stove - klover

BI-FIRE MID Pellet and wood boiler stove - Klover

The Bi-Fire Mid has an elegant design and is the most compact of the three Bi-Fire models. A technological jewel measuring just 82 cm wide, it contains all the hydraulic components required for safe running on both vented and unvented systems. In case of a sudden power failure, the pellet side will automatically shut down while the log side of the boiler will be safeguarded by the “SICURO

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dual pellet and wood boiler stove - klover

DUAL Pellet and wood boiler stove - Klover

DUAL is a wood/pellet heating stove with unique and eye-catching design, the most innovative of the whole range. The fire doors with double ceramic glass, the handles “cold-by-touch” fixed, together with its soft, rounded lines and hand-made and hand-decorated …

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belvedere 22 top pellet boiler stove - 22,4 kw - klover

BELVEDERE 22 TOP Pellet boiler stove - 22,4 KW - Klover

BELVEDERE TOP 22 is the first pellet boiler stove in the world produced with the SICURO top safety system. The characteristics are identical to the BELVEDERE 22, but with the advantage of being simple to install into any existing heating system. It offers all the best in one product: a high-quality KLOVER pellet boiler with the flexibility of being installed into any existing system and the

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argyll woodfuels - wood pellet stove reviews

Argyll Woodfuels - wood pellet stove reviews

Klover Smart 120 22.5kw . The Klover Smart 120 was installed in March 2014 to replace our oil guzzling Rayburn. We were very attached to the Rayburn due to the constant hot water and the ability to cook and heat all our radiators - so the Klover 120 had a lot to live up to.

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caldaia a pellet klover pellet boiler 24 kw con …

Caldaia a pellet klover pellet boiler 24 kw con …

Pellet Boiler 24 è la nuova caldaia a pellet di KLOVER. “Sorella minore” della "Pellet Boiler 35" di cui ha le stesse caratteristiche funzionali, differisce solamente nella potenzialità e nelle dimensioni. Prodotta con o senza acqua calda sanitaria.

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klover wood pellet boilers | scotland | greenflame

Klover Wood Pellet Boilers | Scotland | Greenflame

The Klover wood pellet boilers, stoves and cookers that we provide, are designed to complement your lifestyle as well as providing an efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution for your home. Scotland has a flourishing wood pellet manufacturing industry and offers a realistic alternative to traditional oil gas and electric heating

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klover - registrazione prodotto

Klover - Registrazione Prodotto

I declare that this copy of the certificate conforms to the original in my hands, which I undertake to maintain in the manner and within the terms of the law, as well as exhibit and / or deliver upon simple request to KLOVER Srl, which is now released from any responsibility in this regard.

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pellet boiler - ecoimpatto

PELLET BOILER - Ecoimpatto

2018-11-29 · PELLET BOILER Pellet boiler è la caldaia a pellet compatta di KLOVER. Viene realizzata in 2 modelli, PB24 e PB35, rispettivamente da 20,8 e 34,7 kW. L’alta qualità dei materiali e dei componenti impiegati, la struttura di grosso spessore e la coibentazione totale del corpo caldaia assicurano affidabilità, durata nel tempo ed ottime

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